3 movement sequence and metcon

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today we are going to combine 3 Floreio movements into a sequence and train that small flow piece.

Half Au Cortado + Role + QDR

Combining those three elements requires control of each one of them, so make sure you return back to the previous workouts to read the descriptions and train them individualy before you continue.
Flow from a squat into a Half Au, lower back and sideways, pull into a Role and directly through to QDR. Return to Squat and repeat for reps.

Au Cortado + Role + QDR + Role

From a squat go into a full Au Cortado, come back directly to a Role and flow into the QDR, from the QDR flow into one more Role, to the opposite side and return to squat. Repeat for reps.

Au Regretful + Role + QDR Rotational Push Up

Go into an Au Regretful, directly into a full Role and from there into a QDR rotational Push Up. Come back to Squat and repeat for reps.

Comments about quality of movement
If you watch the videos carefuly, you can observe there are certain 'additions' to each movement above and beyond what is functionaly necessary for the movement to happen. For example, the Role basicly takes me from a squatting position in point A to squatting position in point B. But... It is not only performed with that function in mind, but the weight shift, smoothness of the movement and the 'Movement Logic' are also taken into consideration. Try to absorb and analyze those qualities, and add them to the way that you move.
At this time, I will not give too many details about quality of movement, for the following reasons - A. This medium is limiting in its ability to transfer such data to an audience and B. for the reason you have a lot on your hands right now as it is.
But, be aware of it, and try to play with the quality of your movements when you feel it is possible.
For further discussion of Movement Quality, click here.

Pistol + Side Push Ups
This is a combination I created a long time ago as a conditioning movement that combines upper body, lower body and core (mostly in the advanced variation - due to the lifted front leg) into one small piece of flow.

The easy variation starts while standing on one leg. Make sure your weight is concentrated on your heel, lower back and down into a one leg squat, making sure the heel doesnt come up, and that the hand of the same side of the raised leg is waiting to recieve the floor. When you reach the bottom of the Pistol Squat, lower your foot to the ground, but do not let any other part of your body besides you hand and both feet touch the floor. Lower down to the side push up, letting your body pass the elbow line and into 'Vasamento' position. Push back up. Pull the straight leg back into a normal squat. Stand up. Repeat for reps.

The intermidiate variation will be only a bit different from the beginner one:
1. No help from the hand during the decent into the pistol.
2. One Arm Side Push Up and not two.

The advanced variation will be even more challanging than the intermidiate:
1. Lift the whole leg that is free from the start and during the whole exercise and make sure it is still hovering above the ground in the one arm side push up.
2. A concentric lifting out of the pistol position is added - not only decent on one leg but also comming back up on one leg.

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