Berlin - Nov, 09

Monday, November 2, 2009

Landed in Berlin.
I wont pretend to figure this place out in one day. Obviously, this place carries a lot of baggage behind it, you can feel it walking the streets here.
Berlin Automn... Let me tell you, there is nothing 'automny' about it for me... This is winter and winter with a bite. Grey, tinkeling rain all the time and muddy shoes that go along with brown stained 'boca de calca'. I usualy dont like this kind of weather, but this place is hypnotic. The harsh,strict german languege, the perfectly designed faces, the shicky fashion and art and the old factories from the war. I have to know more. Much more.

After 8 hours in the studio, meeting the other guys and gals (we are 5) working the project, I was taken to my apartment by the production manager. What a nice surprise...
A beatifull two bedroom aparment right in the center, coozy and warm, with fast internet access and a fully equipped kitchen. I am set. Spending here the next 40 days will be a pleasure.

I intend to explore the city, take interesting workshops and classes and see lots of shows. (from any kind!)
My training will be squeezed into the daily 8 hours movement research we are doing, and another 1-3 hours session in the end of the day. (9-11 hours of movement with 2 30 min breaks in the middle?? I guess so..)

Tomorrow early, we start again, I'll take some pictures of our amazing, completely new studio and maybe some movement clips. Stay tuned and communicate with me.

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