Pulling and Air Babies

Friday, August 21, 2009

Today we will plunge into the world of pulling strength and learn a new static position, adding to our Equilibre/handbalancing vocabulary.

90-90 Iso Pull Up Hang

This is a very good static position to concentrate on, (along with other pulling static positions that will be introduced in the future) that combines upper arm, back, hip flexor and core challanges.
Basicly, hanging from a high bar, in a supinated (chin up) or pronated (pull up) grip, bend the elbows in a 90 degrees angle, and lift your knees or full extended legs in a 90 degree angle to your body. Hold the position for the required amount of time and come down.

90-90 One Arm Iso Chin Up Hang

This is a more advanced version - using only one arm to hold in position. A special attention should be given to stop the rotation of the body inwards - hold the position facing the front and using a chin up supinated grip.
To work towards this skill, use a short rope hanging from the pull up bar - and hold it with the free hand to assist you. The lower you grab, the less help you get.

Frog Stance

This is a basic static Equilibre position used before more advanced variations can be achieved. It will help both your handstand practice (in conjunction with the other handstand exercises I have shared before) and the developement of other static position such as the QDR, Air Baby, etc..
Start in a low squat, place your hands a bit more than shoulder width apart, fingers pointing forward on the ground. Put your knees on top of your elbow-triceps and lean forward, without taking the head too low towards the ground. Extending the elbow angle will require a bit more strength but will allow a higher position to be held. Make sure you pull your heels towards your butt and breath shallowly without disturbing the musclulature involved in the balance. Hold for time and come back to Squat.

Air Baby Extensions

This is a developmental exercise, for someone who has achieved a strong Frog Stance and wants to advance into the Air Baby position.
Start in a similar position to the frog stance, but with one hand rotated out in a 90 degree angle and the other a bit more forward.
Lift into the position, and after shifting the weight to the rotated hand side, straighten the opposite leg back and forth, slowly and while maintaining balance.
In order to do so, you will have to shift the weight a bit to the active side, and this will start you on your way to build control and strength in the side position - essential for the future Air Baby position.

A harder variation also demonstrated in the clip is to straighten the leg back and rotate the pelvis sideways at the same time - putting more weight on the active side and comming one step closer to the one arm Air Baby.
Repeat for reps, come down, and perform on the opposite side.

Static Air Baby

This exercise is for someone already comfortable with the advanced variation of the Air Baby Extensions.
The easiest position is the Air Baby with two hand support on the ground. Start in the Air Baby extension exercise and reach the fully extended position - leg both back and rotated out. Hold for time, repeat on the other side.

A more advanced variations will include lifting into the fingertips and eventualy two or one fingers of the free hand. Basicly keep rotating out the pelvis and extending back with the leg, while straightening the elbow angle and maintaining strong core tension. Also, push into the ground with your active hand and extend the shoulder out, widening the scapulas.
If all of those cues will be covered, the free hand will be under less tension - allowing you to rise to your finger tips and aproaching the full one arm Air Baby.

The full one arm position will become possible after one can hold a consistent 10-15 sec One Arm plus two fingers assistance position sets.
Work it with patience, it will come, but only to those with enough work ethic, patience and will power.

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