Reverse Corta Capim and HLR

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Reverse Corta Capim Rotations

It is exactly as it sounds - a Corta Capim Rotations only performed in reverse. It is a more challanging variation of the Corta Capim.

The same details as the normal version still go here:
1. The rotating foot will slide on the floor on it heel first, then the side of the foot, (knife of the foot) then the top of the foot, the inside of it and finaly back to the heel.
2. Completely extand the leg at all times during the rotation. You want to create the biggest circle possible with the rotation, there is a special tendency to shorten the arc in the back - making it easier but not complete. Dont fall into this trap.
Perfect practice makes perfect. Take it slow and work the details.

Hanging Leg Raises

This is an essential part of my training for abdomen and hip flexors strength.
The hanging leg raise should be achieved by... anyone. In my opinion it is a very natural and useful pattern of movement - pulling your legs up while hanging. Before tackling more advanced hanging feats like the Front Lever, I like to see people first perfecting this skill.
The HLR has an active flexibility component to it, making it an even more complete package than other traditional abdominal exercises.

The most basic progression I take novices through is the Swedish Bench HLR.

Installing the Swedish Bench in the proper height allows for fine tunning of the exercise intensity until the full vertical variation is possible. Keep increasing the height of the bench anchor point with time. A rep counts as a rep only when you touch the bench with your feet.

Once vertical HLRs are possible, one possibility is to concentrate on the upper half of the movement - performing 0-90 Degrees Hanging Leg Raises, starting in a hanging L-sit and going up to the bar and back.

Another challanging variation that includes an upper back component to it, along with an advanced core challangeis the One Arm Hanging Leg Raises. Very simple - hang from a pull up bar with one arm only. Lift your feet to the bar and back and repeat for reps.

Simple but not easy. If you are able to perform HLRs but not the one arm version, I suggest you concentrate on increasing the number of reps, until 5 is achieved, then add a static pause at the top, until 5 sec is possible in all 5 reps, then add weight. In addition, start to play with one arm hangs from the pull up bar - up to sets of 30-45 sec. This combination will allow you eventualy to progress to the one arm version.

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